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Allegory: Taking A Different Spin on Deadstock

Allegory: Taking A Different Spin on Deadstock

When it comes to building a sustainable and conscious clothing brand, using deadstock material is one of the many ways to reduce waste.
To give you a short description, dead stock materials are fabrics that have been in a factory for an extended period and have not been sold, or they are the extra fabric that was not used from a brand’s collection.

Allegory’s ethos is based on working solely with deadstock fabric, meaning that they are not creating or manufacturing anything new and working with existing materials.

Besides their textile usage, Allegory focuses on their color and silhouette. They choose shapes and styles for the everyday city woman where she can wear her clothing from the gym to a business meeting and straight to happy hour drinks with her girlfriends.

Each item you purchase from Allegory will come with their signature black mesh laundry bag. They also promote that to have a long-lasting piece of clothing, it does not only need to be versatile or tailored perfectly. But also your part in making sure you care for it with the correct washing instructions.

Have a look at our favorite pieces from the brand: