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Effortless Chic - KIN

Effortless Chic - KIN

KIN Made came into the Hong Kong local scene in 2020 with everyday tote bags. Then took a dive into the fashion industry with their first collection in 2021, which featured cami tops and two of their signature dresses, the Nova and Amelia dress. 

Behind the brand is the friendship duo Kendra and Roxane. They both have experience in the fashion industry in Hong Kong, New York, and Sydney. The two shared the same vision in creating an environmentally conscious womenswear brand. They highly value material choice, timeless design, and ethical production to achieve this vision.

KIN works with local and ethical manufacturers to source high-quality natural or recycled materials, allowing the base canvas of their products to have less impact on our environment. Their styles are also made with surplus fabric to help reduce landfill waste and avoid creating new materials.

KIN collaborates with family-owned factories that pay fair wages and have good working conditions. Open communication between the design and production line means they can ensure the designs are produced responsibly and on a small scale.

As a brand, they believe in taking part in the slow fashion movement and steering away from fast fashion and seasonal collections. Instead, KIN introduces pre-orders with every product release and produces in small batches or limited quantities. These methods allow the brand to forecast how much needs to be produced in order to fulfill customer demands and reduce the chance of clothing being sent to landfill.

Each piece of clothing has been carefully crafted and designed for the modern woman. From work and brunch to date night, they are seasonless and versatile styles fit for your everyday routine.

The blend of high-quality materials, classic style, and ethically produced clothing at KIN create the perfect formula for a garment that stands the test of time.

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