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Press Release, Zanteia

Press Release, Zanteia

Zanteia to champion on-trend ethical and sustainable fashion brands

Multi-brand website brings true fashion transparency

Hong Kong, November 29, 2022 – For women who care as much about fashion as they do for the health of the planet and the welfare of its people, Zanteia has created a one-stop shopping destination promising complete fashion brand transparency.

To be on the website, a fashion brand has to display background information: on raw materials, manufacturing operations, and product care, for all items on sale. Brands also have to publish a six-point transparency report outlining: mission, sustainable materials, ethical standards, locally made, responsible packaging, and goals for improvement.

Zanteia Founder Anastasia Grevstad said, “Market research shows that consumers want to know a lot more about the fashion they buy. They want to understand its environmental impact and the working conditions in the supply chain. They too often see eco-friendly claims as simply ‘green-washing’ and lack any real trust in a brand. Zanteia wants to correct this situation with honesty and openness.”

She continued, “Zanteia is providing a credible alternative choice to fast fashion. One that ensures consumers have access to creative brands that are whole-heartedly committed to the provision of ethical and sustainable fashion. It’s no longer acceptable, for example, that a brand that uses sustainable materials is at the same time guilty of perpetuating inhumane working conditions, wastage and pollution. Sustainability, ethics and transparency all need embedding in a brand. Only then can it be trusted.” 

"Zanteia means that women no longer have to feel somehow guilty for wanting to buy trendy new clothes, for looking pretty or sexy, or for expressing themselves through clothing. By buying brands on, women are helping to establish new industry norms for ethical and sustainable fashion-forward clothing."

Zanteia’s new multi-brand website was launched in November 2022 and is already home to many different on-trend, ethical and sustainable fashion brands from Hong Kong and Singapore, with South Asia and European expansion planned in the future. Its distinctly curated-product approach includes ‘Complete the look’ recommendations, fashion ambassador reviews and garment care guidance.


Anastasia Grevstad
Tel: + 852 5993 9136

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