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Rising Lotus - consciously made-activewear that pushes for a waste-free future.

Rising Lotus - consciously made-activewear that pushes for a waste-free future.

For our next brand feature, we sat down with Rising Lotus' founder Vivien on how she stays active. 
Vivien founded and created Rising Lotus in 2016. As an activewear brand, their main focus is to ensure you get enough support when you go for a workout or a hike and to be comfortable enough to just lounge around at home and feel good inside and out. Moreover, Rising Lotus focuses not only on comfort but also on the environment. They went from using recycled fabrics in 20% of their products to 50% in 2019. Now, 90% of the latest collection is produced from recycled fabrics made from plastic bottles. 
We decided to share more about the person behind the company. So, we talked to the founder and asked her how she stays active daily. 
Our day-to-day schedule gets hectic with finding spare time to go to the gym or rush on time to book a class on our gym app. But it is crucial to keep a balance with our work-life schedule.
With the pandemic, Vivien found little ways to input her workouts during the week. For example, walking her dog a little bit longer to meet her daily steps goal keeps her motivated to stay active but also a reminder to get out of the house or office. When things get a bit busy, she needs a bit of a break or pauses with a meeting. Her easy go-to is to find a quick 15 minutes workout video on Youtube. If she has more breaks, she can squeeze in 2 or 3 more workouts.
Here are a few YouTube videos recommended by Viven:
The Heather Roberston's videos are very easy to follow and effective. For Yoga, Viven uses Adriene YouTube videos as a warm up.
During the weekends, Vivien likes going on hikes or beaches, which is one of the easy ways to get a good workout. However, if she and her friends feel less adventurous, they would try a new workout or gym.
Some suggestions to try out during the weekend in Hong Kong:
The Peak Trail 
Dragon’s Back 
Brarmar Hill Trail
If you're up for a beach day instead, here are some of Viven's go-to beaches:
Tai Tam Country Park
Repulse Bay Beach 
Tai Long Wan Beach
The best tip Vivien has is to try walking as much as possible. 10,000 steps are easy to accomplish when walking instead of taking public transportation to work or meeting your friends if it's nearby. Play your favourite podcast or playlist, and time will go by so fast that you have already reached more than 10,000 steps.
For some podcast inspiration, here are some below for you to check out:
On Purpose with Jay Shetty
Yoga is Dead
Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend
Now that you got the tips from Vivien.
Here are some of our favourite picks from Rising Lotus: