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Advisory Board of Ambassadors

Sharing Zanteia’s unique set of values, with an all-round lifestyle focus much wider than apparel curation, our Advisory Board of Ambassadors ensures we remain well-grounded and objective in all things sustainable and ethical cutting-edge fashion.

Zanteia's partnership with our ambassadors is an important long-term relationship that's built on honesty and trust. It brings impartial creative mindsets and a conscious means of sharing ideas, knowledge and products.

And it plays a vital role in helping Zanteia build a global community – of brands, ambassadors and consumers - that's truly passionate about fashion-led sustainable and ethical clothing. One that wants to engage with new people, gain new knowledge, achieve its full potential and change the way the fashion industry acts.

Collaborations with our board of ambassadors span a whole range of different creative activities, including blogging, styling and photoshoots. They also get involved in advisory meetings and networking events, marketing campaigns and workshops.

Meet our Ambassadors

Polina D'Aguiar

Polina is a personal fashion stylist who combines fashion, style psychology and sustainability in her practice. Her mission is to empower people to feel more confident in their own skin and clothes.
"I can't ignore the "dark side" of the fashion industry, so one of the cornerstones of my work is being a guide to a more mindful style and sustainable consumption habits."

Nicolle Macario

Nicolle has been involved in the fashion industry for over 10 years, working for multiple organizations and departments. She believes developing the sustainability sector in the fashion world has become her mission. Thus, she inspires today's consumers to consciously purchase clothing by sharing the knowledge she has gained from styling, retail, marketing, and fabric after-care.

Mashal Mush

Mashal is a sustainable fashion and content marketing expert with global experience in building strategies for lifestyle brands. Her interests lie in conscious consumerism, sustainability in schools, and environmental awareness. As an advocate for sustainability, Mashal has a deep passion for inspiring people & businesses to accelerate their transition towards a greener future.

Alya Annabi

Alya is a passionate Sustainability Change Agent who wants to help businesses implement more sustainable practices — and have fun doing them. Over the years, Alya has developed the expertise and experience needed to help companies to cultivate more sustainable actions across their workforce. Thus, she founded GreenPush to inspire, educate, and engage the next generation of sustainability champions.

Apply to join our board of ambassadors

If you are:

- A stylist

- A content Creator

- Or have an online presence with loyal followers

- Knowledgeable

- Passion

- Professional

- Trustworthy

- And you share our values

Enter your details and message below and we'll get in touch as soon as possible.

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