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The concept for iFarmaissance® was born from the desire to create fashion handbags and accessories that addressed sustainability as a fundamental characteristic of the brand from the very beginning.

The concept of "Farm to Closet" formed the iFarmaissance, a name derived from (I)nnovation related to (Farm)ing and Ren(aissance), a rebirth of the traditions and soul of fashion.

1. Mission

Sustainability is about balance, it must be measured alongside economic, social and quality objectives. Their intention is to embed sustainability in every aspect of our businesses by establishing a systematic framework that ties together and links every life cycle component.

2. Sustainable materials

- Pinatex - made from Waste Pineapple Leaf Fibre. BIO leather alternative. 50-60% Biobased. Made in Spain
- Vegatex - BIO leather alternative made from apples. 66% Biobased. PETA Approved VEGAN. USDA Certified.
- BIO leather alternative made from grapes. 80% Biobased. GRS certified. Made in Italy.
- Desserto
- made from Cactus. BIO leather alternative. 80% Biobased. Made in Mexico. Certified by the "US-Organic" program of the USDA and the "BCS OEKO-GARANTIE" program in Germany.

3. Ethical standards

The factories the brand works with obtained the foloowing certifications: 
- ISO9001:2015 ensures creating, implementing, and maintaining a Quality Management System for a company quality management system. 
- amfori BSCI & SMETA ensures workplace standards across the global supply chain.
In 2022 most of the products went through the Kaken Testing Centre in Japan, an approved, accredited laboratory to ensure product quality and safety standards.

4. Location & logistics

The bags are designed in Hong Kong, and the fabrics are sourced from Italy, Spain and Mexico. The production of the brags takes place in South China.

5. Responsible packaging

External Packaging:
Courier Pak - Biodegradable Bioplastic Bag
Packaging Box - Cardboard
Closure sticker - Paper

Internal Packaging:
Tissue paper - paper
Tags - paper
String - Hemp or Cotton

6. Improvement goals

iFarmaissance has been built on a sustainability foundation, paying particular attention to UN Sustainable Development Goals 12 - Production & Consumption and 13 - Climate Action.

With support from The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel, in conjunction with The HKSAR Innovation and Technology Commission and City University of Hong Kong professors, they are working on a project that is focused on contributing to a global decarbonisation solution. The Project focuses on the Automotive Industry with a decarbonisation goal to produce a biobased synthetic leather alternative to meet the industry's exacting standards for upholstery products.

Join us on our journey

Zanteia builds a long-term relationship with brands and the advisory board of ambassadors. This relationship is based on trust, honesty and partnership.