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Founded by Kendra and Roxane, KIN was formed by a friendship and shared vision. Both from a fashion design background, they realized the dream of building a thoughtful and sustainable womenswear brand together. They create every piece with love so it can become a part of your wardrobe, lifestyle, and story.
KIN means a close connection to our common kind and in Chinese, 建 means to build.

1. Mission

KIN was founded to become part of the solution by creating an earth-friendly alternative in fashion. The team will always be committed to creating goods while being transparent about sourcing, manufacturing, materials, and our journey.

2. Sustainable materials

KIN sources the following materials:
1. Natural fibres, including cotton
2. Recycled plant-based fibres such as Cupro and Viscose
3. No or minimal use of synthetic fibres
4. No animal products in materials used
5. Giving new life to surplus fabrics
6. Committed to plastic-free packaging, while all products are mailed in a recycled mailer.

3. Ethical standards

KIN cares equally about the people who bring the designs to life. That’s why they partner with ethical manufacturers to ensure the designs are produced responsibly, sustainably, and on a small scale. They prioritise working with family-owned manufacturers who pay fair wages and have good working conditions. Where possible, they try to source and make our products locally to support our community.

4. Location & logistics

The team works with a family run production company based in Hong Kong, and garment development facilities in China.

5. Responsible packaging

They are committed to plastic-free packaging to reduce their environmental footprint. All products are mailed in a recycled mailer and they are conscious of the wrapping and accessories to be 100% plastic free. They avoid excessive packaging and keep it simple and sustainable.

6. Improvement goals

"As we grow as a brand, so make our efforts – our goal is to always limit our impact on the environment the best that we can. Our values for sustainability are part of our identity through areas of Design, Materials, People and Slow Fashion"
They aim to expand the size range and source certified sustainable fabrics as the brand grows.

Join us on our journey

Zanteia prides itself on the long-term relationships it builds with fashion brands and ambassadors. These relationships are built on honesty and trust and a true spirit of partnership in achieving common goals.