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Kualesa started as a small seed of an idea, with a big ambition and an even bigger purpose. The brand has evolved from a simple set of values to a producer of great-looking and super comfortable bamboo apparel that’s challenging fast fashion. 

1. Mission

The team at Kualesa believes in empowering the consumer to be more conscious when it comes to textiles - emphasising quality over quantity, the sustainable and functional benefits of alternative textiles, and enhancing the profile of Southeast Asian artisanship.

2. Sustainable materials

Kualesa uses bamboo fabric Organic 100 (ECOCERT) sourced from China. They use a manufacturer who works extensively with sustainable alternatives and, together with industry-leading standards and certifications.

3. Ethical standards

Their manufacturing partner holds a BCSI certificate, ensuring fair labour conditions based on international labour regulations. When it comes to the product, both the FSC, OEKO-TEX and Organic 100 (ECOCERT) certificates ensure sustainably sourced and responsible management in harvesting raw materials

4. Location & logistics

The full range of products is locally designed in Malaysia, with deep research into the work of local artisans when it comes to the Batik motifs. The bamboo fabric is sourced from China. 

5. Responsible packaging

Their biodegradable, compostable mailer bags are made from corn starch and printed using eco-friendly, water-based inks.
Their hangtags on the garments and thank you cards with every order are made from 100% recycled paper.

6. Improvement goals

Kualesa is focused on promoting bamboo fabric, exploring other alternative textiles' benefits, and sharing that with its consumers.
The goal is to ensure awareness of alternative fabrics reaches the widest audience possible.
Their future goals:
1. Conducting R&D to improve fabrics
2. Improving the diversity in models so that it reflects different ranges in sizing for easier reference to our customers.

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