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MAISON RE/WE is dedicated to evolving minimal streetwear through upcycling. Their design is versatile, stylish, and timeless. The re-created pieces yet have lasting quality and resale value. The reworked one-of-a-kind clothing also prevents you from outfit clashes

1. Mission

Maison RE/WE is a start-up fashion house that focuses on the concept of upcycling textile. They care about the local textile waste and encourage people to create a sustainable wardrobe. They are transparent about their clothing resources and the production process. They even organize workshops to teach people how to upcycle.

2. Sustainable materials

1. Second-hand clothingwith lasting quality or in good condition from a textile NGO and second-hand shops in Hong Kong.
2. Dead-stock with lasting quality or in good condition from brands and second-hand shops in Hong Kong.

3. Ethical standards

The company aims to provide job opportunities and social benefits to local women's society,including sewing training, a female-friendly working environment, and job opportunities for women who need social support, for example, single mothers, disabled women, and minorities.

4. Location & logistics

Maison RE/WE adopts in-house production in Hong Kong. All products are locally handmade by designers and seamstresses.Every product is one-of-a-kind, so there is no identical replacement.

5. Responsible packaging

Maison RE/WE provides 2 types of packaging:
1. Gift packages use paper boxes and wrapping papers.
2. Eco packages use drawstring bags that are made of 100% cotton.The brand labels are made of cotton, and thank-you cards are made of recycled paper.

6. Improvement goals

Maison RE/WE believes in long-term growth. These are the improvements they are aiming for:
1. Improve the sustainability standardof packaging
2. Starting next quarter, Maison RE/WE is aiming to use at least 10% of eco-fabrics for coming collections
3. Solution to build and increase the size of their production house
4. Establish ESG Strategy

Join us on our journey

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