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Sustainable, ethical & transparent

It's a Zanteia core belief that only through complete honesty and openness can genuine trust be gained. So we require all of our fashion brands to be fully transparent in communicating their sustainable and ethical credentials. Every brand has to display a 6-point transparency report:

1. Mission

We request all of our brands publish a clear statement of intent to be transparent in all their undertakings in respect of providing sustainable and ethical fashion. They have to show their commitment to honesty and openness in providing customers with the information they have a right to know.

2. Sustainable materials

We appreciate that being 100% sustainable isn't yet possible. Nevertheless, all of our fashion brands must prove that they are carefully considering the impacts of their raw materials and processes on the land, waterways, humans, animals and climate.

3. Ethical standards

A commitment to sustainability isn't enough, though. We also require our brands to ensure a fair wage and safe, healthy working conditions for all those employed within their supply chains, wherever they may be.

4. Location & logistics

The advent of globalisation will always mean that buying everything locally is going to be a challenge. There are though fashion brands that support community economies by producing clothes locally, and do their best to minimise their logistics footprint worldwide.

5. Responsible packaging

As you'd expect, we also require all of our fashion brands to be committed to using reusable, recyclable and compostable materials in their packaging. More than that, packaging that's sized to match product dimensions in order to minimise waste.

6. Improvement goals

And since all of our brands are committed to full transparency, they also agree to publish an on-going list of improvement goals that aim to keep pace with technological, societal and legislative changes in the pursuit of increasingly sustainable and ethical fashion. 

Join us on our journey

Zanteia prides itself on the long-term relationships it builds with fashion brands and ambassadors. These relationships are built on honesty and trust and a true spirit of partnership in achieving common goals.