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Mera Tierra is a labour of love.
It is this love for our planet, our people and our products that drives every step of our decision making
The name is an homage to the Indo-Spanish roots and it embodies the brand's core philosophy perfectly.

It literally translates to 
‘My Earth’ मेरा  = My in Hindi  |  Tierra = Earth in Spanish.

1. Mission

Mera Tierra is the result of a gruelling quest we embarked on to create a truly sustainable fashion brand instead of one that is simply greenwashing. The team understands that sustainability has as much to do with grassroots action as global policy.
It’s what inspired them to create a brand that is an accessible alternative to the fast fashion currently destroying our planet. A brand that manifests love for the planet, people, and products.

2. Sustainable materials

Mera Tierra sources the following materials:
1. 100% natural fibres: organic cotton, which is certified by Global Organization of Textile Standard (GOTS), wild silk, linen, pure cotton and hemp.
2. 100% biodegradable details: from biodegradable zips to using mother of pearl, coconut shell and corozo nut buttons.
3. Natural dyeing and printing processing is undertaken using traditional hand-dyeing and printing techniques that require no electricity and use wood-fire stoves to boil (planting a tree for every piece of wood used).

3. Ethical standards

The garments are tailored at boutique format production unit. The factory, Pranin Lifestyle Pvt ltd. is located in Faridabad, Haryana 121003, India. The factory was incorporated in the year 2019. Their main commitment is to the longevity of Indian craftsmanship.
Mera Tierra partners with 3rd party Creative Bee to ensure partners’ facilities adhere to safety norms, provide a comfortable working environment for all their workers, and pay them fair wages across the value chain.

4. Location & logistics

The sourcing and production processes take place within one country, India. It allows the brand to reduce carbon emissions. 

5. Responsible packaging

The packaging is biodegradable pouches made from natural resin and plastic-free.

6. Improvement goals

- Bluesign certification for natural dyes

- Decrease selling cost to attract more people to adapt sustainable clothing

- Contribute more (% of Profit) to help skilled labour and farmers involved in the supply chain

Join us on our journey

Zanteia prides itself on the long-term relationships it builds with fashion brands and ambassadors. These relationships are built on honesty and trust and a true spirit of partnership in achieving common goals.