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Ora The People choose to be sustainable in an unsustainable Industry, striving to be affordable for more people without giving up on colours, designs and the right to feel yourself in your own clothes. Dressing shouldn’t be a moral compromise.

1. Mission

Ora The People believes in affordability as the prime mover of the sustainable fashion movement. Only certified organic and recycled textiles are employed, thus showing our commitment to offer a clean product at a fair price.

2. Sustainable materials

Natural fibres are the top priority for Ora The People. They adopt only:
1. 100% GOTS-certified cotton
2. GRS-certified recycled cotton
3. GRS-certified recycled polyester, when necessary for thermoregulation and/or durability
4. Certified organic and biodegradable water-based inks with the most advanced technology currently available on the market.
This printing process consumes 95% less water and 60% less energy compared to classic printing methods, and produces high-quality, high- detail, crisp-clean and plastic-free prints.

3. Ethical standards

Ora The People produces small batches of inventory at a time, fighting overproduction and leftovers. Their partners are all members of the FairWear Foundation, regularly checking every step of the supply chain for safe, decent working conditions and fair wages. Thus, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is under great consideration.
The company keeps the garment in the textile cycle for as long as possible, ultimately recycling those into certified recycled cotton or polyester.
All orders are shipped climate-neutral (DHL Go Green).

4. Location & logistics

Organic cotton fibres are sourced and manufactured directly from certified sustainable plantations in Bangladesh, India and Turkey. Recycled fibres are gathered from trusted and certified partners in China. Secondary production and logistics happen in Europe under strict standards in state-of-the-art facilities. All our designs are made in-house and printed in biodegradable inks for 100% sustainability.

5. Responsible packaging

Packaging is made of GreenDot-certified recycled paper and is 100% plastic-free, in line with European standards. Our products are shipped without hangtags and neck labels are printed to minimise the usage of necessary materials. Inner soft labels are made of 100% GRS-certified recycled polyester.

6. Improvement goals

The closest objectives are:

1. Expanding the offer into new fields, underwear and sportswear being the main ones. Those markets could be those profiting the most from the breathability and comfort typically offered by natural and new-gen technological fibres.

2. Working more on Biodegradability: with new advancements in technology—biodegradable threading especially—a truly 100% sustainable garment is closer than ever.

Join us on our journey

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