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Our Story (and possibly yours too)

We care deeply about the health of our planet and the welfare of its people, and we love our fashion brands as well. Zanteia happened because we didn’t want to compromise. We wanted to offer fashion-forward clothing that was both sustainable and ethical - kind on the environment and kind on society.

So Zanteia makes sure it engages with brands that follow sustainable, ethical, forward-thinking practices. Those that are open and transparent with the information they share with consumers. And with your support, we’ll help reshape the fashion industry with new norms that will stand the test of time.


Our customers have a genuine passion for cutting-edge fashion. They want to look good and feel great about it. They have a unique style of their own, it’s elegant and on-trend.

Sustainable & Ethical

Our customers want to help the global fashion industry reduce pollution, wastage and its effect on global warming. They want to help ensure its workers receive a fair wage and safe, healthy working conditions.


Our customers have the right to know everything there is to know about the clothes they buy: where they’re made, how they’re made and what they’re made of. They want to be able to trust that a fashion brand is doing the right thing.

Our Mission

Zanteia’s mission is to provide fashion-forward women with a credible alternative to fast fashion and its many drawbacks. We do this by partnering with creative brands committed to sustainable and ethical practices and information transparency.

We are also an active exponent of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), created to tackle the most important global challenges. Zanteia aims to play its part in achieving SDGs 12,13 and 17, relating to: Responsible Consumption & Production, Action Against Climate Change and Strong Global Partnerships.

Our Offer

A wide range of trendy clothing, free from the adverse environmental and societal impacts of fast fashion.

Fashionable clothing produced to order in deliberately small quantities, to help reduce over-production and waste.

Our Team

Zanteia was founded by Anastasia Grevstad in Hong Kong in 2022. Embracing the motto, "Think globally, act locally," the Zanteia team strongly believes in the power of the individual in affecting social change and building trust through honesty and openness. As a result, Zanteia's company structure is both flat and transparent, comprising ambitious, curious, and open-minded people wholly committed to sustainable and ethical fashion.

Join Us On Our Journey

Zanteia prides itself on the long-term relationships it builds with fashion brands and ambassadors. These relationships are built on honesty and trust and a true spirit of partnership in achieving common goals.