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1. Mission

Tove & Libra cleverly use deadstock yarns and fabrics that would typically otherwise end up in a landfill. Coming from a family background of garment producers, they have insider access to excellent quality materials leftover from other production. So rather than letting them go to the landfill, they've given them a new lease of life in their Tove & Libra range – think of it as ultra-stylish upcycling. Their collections are produced in their own factories, which ensures ethical production, quality control and lean pricing.

2. Sustainable materials

- Tencel - Silky-soft and sustainably sourced Tencel®Cashmere - OEKO-TEX certified 100% fine Mongolian cashmere 
- Bamboo-cotton - OEKO-TEX certified sustainable and biodegradable blend
- Wool-Viscose - fluid blend of Merino Wool and FSC-Certified
- Viscose 
Upcycled Fabrics - Cotton, linen and more rescued from commercial designer deadstock.

3. Ethical standards

This family business has over 40 years of experience in textiles and manufacturing. Their fully-owned factories are BSCI-, Sedex- and/or Oekotex-certified ensuring that their processes and products are both planet- and people-friendly. Factory workers are paid above minimum wage with access to benefits such as paid leave and medical insurance.

4. Location & logistics

This family-owned business has a sourcing base in Hong Kong and accredited factories in Southern China.

5. Responsible packaging

As a member of Eco Alliance, the brand has a policy of No Single-use Plastics.Therefore, all hangtags and notecards are made from recycled paper. The garment polybags are made of recycled poly and designed with a reusable ziplock closure. All online orders are shipped in a recycled poly mailer bag that includes a second adhesive strip to enable reusing the mailer for returns.

6. Improvement goals

They believe in continually finding ways to improve their processes in flexible and intelligent ways:
1. They plan to increasingly review their own overstock clothing to re-design into new pieces.
2. They continually assess construction and materials to explore making theirclothes last longer.

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