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Inspired by the beauty of heritage and the ties of community that bind us, every Wray Crafted piece is a gentle call to celebrate each day for the magic it brings.

1. Mission

Wray Crafted views the path to sustainable and ethical production as a journey and one that they believe should be transparent. Strong believers in each step being a valuable step, they believe in open conversations when it comes to sources, materials, and production.

2. Sustainable materials

Wray Crafted only produces with natural materials - 100% cotton or cotton-linen blends.
Small batch production.
Each collection is made in limited quantities to reduce waste.
Each style's consumption is carefully calculated to minimize wastage. In addition, by working from the exact location of our artisans, we can troubleshoot as pieces go to the stitching room.

3. Ethical standards

Wray is not factory-made. They choose to produce in community settings. Because these ground-up formats provide access to employment opportunities for individuals (especially women) who do not live in large garment production cities. Their primary producer is a women-owned business in Udaipur, India, that works with 125 women artisans, including tribals and marginalized & disadvantaged groups. They also occasionally work with a handful of family tailors. Working directly alongside artisan groups and family businesses they know, they can ensure equitable wages are being paid and work environments remain safe.

4. Location & logistics

Wray Crafted designs all their styles and is produced by community artisans in Rajasthan, India. The hand block textiles they use typically come from Jaipur, India. Construction and hand-embroidered detailing are done in Udaipur, India. The techniques and craft used to make their pieces are skills passed hand from generation to generation.

5. Responsible packaging

Wray Crafted's hangtags and thank you cards are made from paper created from post-consumed cotton scraps.
The fabric drawstring dust bags our pieces come in are made from leftover sari fabric.

6. Improvement goals

Wray Crafted views its journey in reducing impact as one that is progressive. They don't claim to have the best or only solutions to making fashion more sustainable but are committed to doing whatever they can. They have their eye on the following improvements:
1. Working with community partners on programs that will contribute to enriching the lives of artisans
2. Exploring the use of organic and GOTS-certified cotton
3. More sustainable last mile packaging options - Right now we still use commercially available mailers

Join us on our journey

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