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Effortlessly fashionable clothing, that’s sustainable and ethical too.

Sustainable & Ethical Brands

Protecting the planet and its people, clothing that also doesn’t compromise on style.

Transparency Included

What it’s made of, how it’s made, where it’s made. Read the transparency reports and find all you want to know about your clothing’s origins

featured brand

Maison RE/WE

The Benefits of Upcycling Clothing

The founders, Cocoon and Kaz, share a passion for creatively expressing individuality while minimizing their impact on the planet. RE/WE stands for RE-create the future of fashion; WE - make a change as a community. By purchasing a product from Maison RE/WE, you become a part of something greater and make a real impact on the world.

Why Buy From Zanteia

Be fashion-forward with Zanteia


We provide cutting-edge fashion. We want you to look good and feel great about it. Because you deserve to have your own unique style.

Sustainable and ethical brands

Sustainable and Ethical

The brands we work with help the global fashion industry reduce pollution, wastage, and its effect on global warming. They ensure their workers receive a fair wage and safe, healthy working conditions.

Transparency reports are provided at


We provide complete transparency reports from each brand. You have the right to know everything there is to know about the clothes you buy: where they're made, how they're made and what they're made of.

Who's Talking About Our Brands

“Is already a favourite among Hong Kong’s most style-forward women.”

– About Allegory

“Sustainably and ethically made, these t-shirts by Source Collections are also unbelievably soft.”

– About Source Collections

It’s all about the statement knitwear at local label Love From Blue — and its commitment to sustainable production is the cherry on top!

– About Love from Blue

"The future of local talent is more palpable than ever".

– About Dirty Manners

"OliveAnkara, the Singapore brand that fuses African prints with Italian craftsmanship"

– About OliveAnkara

The Journal

The Benefits of Upcycling Clothing: Good for the Environment and Your Wardrobe?

The Benefits of Upcycling Clothing: Good for the Environment and Your Wardrobe?

Upcycling is a sustainable and creative solution for giving old clothing a new lease on life. By turning outdated or worn-out pieces into fashionable and fresh items, you not only...

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Allegory: Taking A Different Spin on Deadstock

Allegory: Taking A Different Spin on Deadstock

When it comes to building a sustainable and conscious clothing brand, using deadstock material is one of the many ways to reduce waste. To give you a short description, dead...

Read more

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